Lauretta and Shelly. What a relief! Tender Loving Care, To all of you for taking care of a big burden. I adore your staff, what pros and cuties too. Thanks for a success sale.
Fred, Lake Isabella, Ca. – 9/2010

Thanks Lauretta, I was at my wits end about the move, but it couldn’t have ran any smoother. Actually, you made it a fun experience. Thanks again for all your hard work.
Cheri, Ventura – 9/2012

Wow! Lauretta and Shelly what a crew. I never thought the place could look good again, but you did it. In this business I sure need you on my side. TLC crew you’re the best.
Eula Davidson – 6/2011

Shelly you and your mom, “AMAZING”
What a great job. We made money too. Our entire family is so pleased with the results of the sale. Shelly your mom really knows how to sell. we don’t have anything left. Thanks again.
June McAnnaly